Control/Robotics Research Laboratory

Master in System Engineering

EL5223(Sensor Based Robotics)

EL5253(Applied Matrix Theory)

EL6113(Signals, Systems and Transforms)

EL6223(Nonlinear and sampled-Data Control Systems)

EL6233(System Optimization Methods)

EL6243(System Theory and Feedback Control)

EL6253(Linear Systems)

EL6303(Probability Theory)

EL6313(Stochastic Processes)

EL7253(State Space Design for Linear Control Systems)

EL8223(Applied Nonlinear Control)

EL8233(Optimal Control Theory)

EL8253(Large Scale Systems and Decentralized Control)

Related Courses

EL5123(Image Processing)

EL6123(Video Processing)

EL6333(Detection and Estimation Theory)

CS6033(Design and Analysis of Algorithms I)

CS6043(Design and Analysis of Algorithms II)

CS6613(Artificial Intelligence I)

CS6623(Artificial Intelligence II)

EL7133(Digital Signal Processing)

CS6643(Computer Vision and Scene Analysis)

CS667(Neural Network Computing)

CS6923(Machine Learning)